Outstanding Quality

Every one of our home construction projects throughout the region is built with high end craftsmanship and a focus on your lifestyle. The quality of our work has a positive impact on how long your home lasts and how it stands up to the rigors of everyday use. The rave reviews we receive from our clients are a testament to our custom home building expertise. Call or email us and we’ll be happy to visit with you and your building site.

Let us show you how Homes by JMC builds dreams, one home at a time.



Outstanding Integrity

Selecting a builder to construct build or renovate your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you may make. While many builders can build a home, it’s more important to focus on the quality of the home building process. That process includes everything from pre-construction planning to post-construction support.

Our focus on excellent client communication, consistent project management and use of proven building methods sets Homes by JMC apart as one of the area’s  premier custom home builders.

Luxury Custom Homes

Homes by JMC can expertly build custom homes that are truly one-of-a-kind. Our custom homes are carefully designed and built for a specific client’s desires and needs and can be tailored to fit a particular property. Homes by JMC can lead you through the custom design and building process and create a dream home that fits your preferences, lifestyle and budget.

Flawless Renovations

Your renovation will seem as if it was always meant to be. It will be integrated seamlessly into your home’s existing style and structure. You will wonder how you ever lived without your new space.

Fun Luxury Features

Home Theater

You may not need a home theater, but for a truly fun and exhilarating experience, consider dedicating a room to family entertainment and home theater. Home theater will revolutionize the way you experience movies, music, your favorite TV programs and more.

Cozy Dressing Room

A cozy dressing room is highly coveted addition to a new custom home. Beautifully organized wardrobe storage consisting of built-in racks and shelves, plenty of good lighting, a full-length mirror and a center island with drawers and cabinets. Some comfortable seating is a must and maybe even a glamorous chandelier. Have fun designing your special place for solitude.

Spa Bathroom

The bathroom is no longer a simply place to get washed and ready, more people are taking inspiration from luxury hotels and spas to transform one of the most used rooms in the home into a place where they can relax and enjoy a spa-like experience. So, take inspiration from the spa bathroom concept and create your very own space to escape and pamper yourself.

Grand Entryway

Wow, your home’s first impression. A prominent entryway can be welcoming and beautiful. Carefully consider you selection of materials, finishes and colors for your front entryway. It is an opportunity to make a good first impression that will set the stage for the rest of your home decor.

Kitchen Luxuries

Are you an avid cook? If so, a well thought out, custom kitchen can make the whole cooking process easier and more enjoyable. Clever luxuries such as smart technologies, a built in coffee bar, a pot filler above the stove, warmer drawers, enclosed trash and recycling, an on-counter appliance garage and a walk-in pantry all can make your kitchen a true joy.

Smart Home

Smart home refers to the way that you can control and monitor your home’s systems. You can remotely check security, control the indoor environment, check on your pets, manage your lighting and so much more. You will wonder how you lived without all these clever ways to make your home safer, more comfortable and fun.

Home Gym

Maintaining a consistent gym schedule is not always easy, especially for those who have an unpredictable lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to do your fitness training at home? Whether you have a quiet space for yoga or a full iron pack with high-quality equipment; having exercising gear in your home provides privacy, convenience, and time savings.

Outdoor Living

Not just for fire pits. Luxury furnishings, motorized pergolas and high-end appliances are moving into the backyard patio. A growing number of homes are being outfitted with everything from double sided fireplaces and outdoor gourmet kitchens, open-air family rooms. Have fun designing your outdoor space. Your efforts will provide a valuable long-lasting payback especially here in South Florida.

Our Guiding Principles


Attention to Detail

The art of luxury construction is in the refinement and execution of the details and making sure everything from the foundation to the skylights is exactly right. Every one of our home construction projects is built with high-end craftsmanship and comprehensive inspections for every completed task.



We know that choosing a builder to build or renovate your home is often done based on reputation. Homes by JMC has built 30 years of solid relationships with more area families than the competition. We deliver homes and customer service that exceed expectations.



We view your project as a team effort and we make it our goal keep you informed every step in the process. John Cherveny, the builder, is easily accessible and open to discuss anything regarding your project. He also visits the jobsite daily.



We have assembled an excellent and reliable team of local suppliers, subcontractors and in-house staff who have gone the distance with us over the years and remain trusted partners who will adhere to JMC specifications and standards. Our team must adhere to a proprietary system spelled out in a manual to ensure our unique product is consistently delivered.



Customer Satisfaction

We aim to exceed your expectations. John the builder will often create design opportunities to refine and upgrade project along the way. In the end, the only call back we shoot for our referrals.



We enjoy doing a job right and seeing the smile on your face when we deliver an amazing home. Keeping a good sense of humor along the way makes the whole process so much more enjoyable. We look forward to sharing this important and fun journey with you.

What folks are saying

“….pays attention to every detail.”


“We have been in our newly renovated house for about 5 weeks now and are loving it! John did an amazing job! He is a perfectionist and pays attention to every detail. He worked tirelessly to make our older home vibrant again. He is well connected in the community to many talented tradesmen. The carpenters, painters and other contractors were top notch. Thank you John for your vision, diligence and perfectionism! So glad we have you as our builder and friend!”

Lawna Afong

“We just cannot be any happier…..”


“John Cherveny with Homes by JMC built our retirement custom home in Palm City, Florida in 2015. The complex details and decisions of building a custom home were almost completely eliminated with all of John’s knowledge and professionalism. John spent hours at our construction site making sure the details and decisions were not only completed promptly, but also done correctly. He listened to our desires and requests, advised us on alternative options and followed through with all of our decisions. We just cannot be any happier with our JMC Home and would recommend John for any residential or commercial construction, not only as a very knowledgeable and professional home builder, but now as our friend after this wonderful construction experience.”

Robert Plotkin

“….in love with our new custom JMC home….”


“To say that we are head over heels in love with our new custom JMC home would be a huge understatement. My husband and I contacted John a few days after buying a lot in Hobe Sound. We were immediately impressed by his knowledge, skills, and wonderful attitude. We wanted someone who was a great home builder, and at the same time, someone who would be easy to work with. We definitely found that in JMC. We had a pretty solid idea of our floorplan and features. We wanted to make every part of the house as different from other homes as possible. John saw our vision, ran with it, and gave us suggestions along the way that we had not even thought of. This is a second home for us, so it was a little difficult living several states away and not being able to see the day to day progress. John sent videos and pictures weekly. Even better, he saw minor imperfections before us and corrected them promptly. I seriously can’t recommend JMC highly enough…if you want a fantastic custom home that will have all of your neighbors in awe, JMC should absolutely be your contractor!”

Shannon Floyd

“John's knowledge, professionalism and quality are second to none.”

“Working with Homes by JMC was a true pleasure. John’s knowledge, professionalism and quality are second to none.

All of my friends and neighbors that have seen our new home are amazed at the beauty and quality in the finished product.

My wife and I are thrilled with JMC builders and give them the highest recommendation possible.”

Robert Sage

“A perfectionist in every sense of the word.”


“We are just days away from the completion of our home by JMC. John Cherveny is a builder of integrity and character. A perfectionist in every sense of the word. He truly loves what he does and he is only satisfied when he knows that his clients are happy! Building a home is hard work but John will be with you every step of the way!”

Sydney Holman

“ fun to work with, while perfecting every minute detail….”


“If you are even thinking of building a custom home, John at JMC is your guy!!! We have been in our house for a little over a week now and I still can’t believe that I live here. It is everything I wanted and more, thanks to John’s suggestions and hard work. He is so much fun to work with, while perfecting every minute detail behind the scenes at the same time.”

Shannon Singletary

“His attention to our wishes, and to every detail of the plan, were unique in this industry.”


“Building a custom home long distance was a challenge we knew we would be accepting when we purchased our lot. However, as serendipitous as it was, John and his crew made the experience one we would do again, but only if we had John as builder! His attention to our wishes, and to every detail of the plan, were unique in this industry. He won’t have a sub on the job who does not adhere to his sense of perfection. We have the home of our dreams, thanks in no small part to Homes by JMC!”

Mary Marcello

“….surpassed our expectations for attention to detail and quality….”


“John built our home 6 years ago and surpassed our expectations for attention to detail and quality. His commitment to perfection and customer focus are rare to find. Even today, well after the contract warranties have expired, I can always count on John to help with those few small issues that arise. Our home looks like it did on the day we moved in, a testament to the workmanship and materials. We highly recommend Homes by JMC.”

Steven Cohen

“The workmanship was excellent”


“I highly recommend Homes by JMC. John is true to his word when he says, he will ensure that he gets it right! We are completing a significant home renovation and all along the way John has provided great ideas to really make the project unique. We were able to “salvage” a sentimental stained glass panel and have it put in to a new custom for our kitchen. The workmanship was excellent and it makes a distinctive addition to our home.”

Nina Nicolosi

“….I continue a long friendship with John.”


“John built our home in Evergreen CC back in 1999, and it remains looking brand new.
I continue a long friendship with John.

Beside from being a man of his word, he is also a great singer”

Michael Cristoforo

“....came in under budget and 2 weeks earlier than planned!! Wow"


“John and his crew @ Homes by JMC did an amazing job with our complete re-model of our house. Not only were they easy to deal with but they came in under budget and 2 weeks earlier than planned!! Wow
Thanks John!!!”

Alec Thyrre

“Homes by JMC is head and shoulders above other home builders!”


“John’s attention to detail is what makes Homes by JMC is head and shoulders above other home builders! Thanks John”

Bob Plotkin

“Hardworking, Honest, Friendly”


“Hardworking, Honest, Friendly”

April Dante




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